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Feb 26, 2011

How to Perfect your Job Search Strategy

How to Perfect your Job Search Strategy

1. Conduct a Thorough Self-Assessment:
Take the time to understand what types of jobs interest you, what areas you enjoy and excel in and what skills/competencies you have and what values you believe in- that can translate in meaningful ways to the jobs you are applying for ( a plethora of free self assessments are available on for all Job seekers to make use of)

2. Research Alternate Career Options:
Select a career field that matches your skills, values and interests, keeping in mind the current industry trends, roles that are most in demand and scope for growth in your field (a good reference here can be Bayt’s quarterly Job Index Survey- which gauges the perceptions of employers re: employment market in the MENA Region)-
3. Set a clear vision of job search success:
Be realistic about jobs that are available for your career level, salaries that are offered in your field (log into to know what you’re worth in the MENA job market) and your personal status (are you willing to relocate? Which countries can you target, etc…)- It is important for you to set a realistic and clear vision for your job search and stick by it.
4. Perfect your “Job Search Tool kit”:
which naturally encompasses a Top Notch CV including clear objectives, exact position sought, solid keywords, and achievements as opposed to just job responsibilities – accompany that with a customized, concise and powerful cover letter that will leave a  great and lasting impact on prospective employers and customized job application forms where/as needed

5. Develop a multi Faceted Job Search Strategy:
in other words Network! Keep active and pursue a creative, comprehensive and effective job search strategy may it be via leading online job sites such as (which were cited to be the most effective recruitment method by 34.5% of ME professionals in a recent Poll), classifieds ads in newspapers/ magazines, online networks (twitter/ facebook/ linkedin and the likes), direct mail campaigns, phone prospecting, college career centers, alumni associations, informational interviews and more.

6. Monitor your progress:
keep an organized record of all targeted companies, relevant contact persons and all correspondence (emails, phone calls, dates of visits, etc..)- you will need these in order to identify who to follow up with and when to follow up.
7. Better your Interview Skills:
No employer wants to block an hour of his time to interview an un-prepared candidate. Do your homework: be sure you know every detail of your CV by heart- and get into the mind frame of the professional interviewee that you would want to showcase to potential employers: you have to show enthusiasm, professionalism, knowledge and willingness to learn (how? Check out Bayt’s career centerwhich encompasses a plethora of literature about job interview preparations / dos& don’ts)
8. Follow up:
with diligence. You have it all on record- thank you e-mails are a must after every job interview. The aim of your regular follow up is to reiterate your interest in the position you applied for,  learn of other possible suitable openings in the company and network with key professionals for potential future reference
9. Understand that things take time:
make peace with the fact that finding a job does not happen overtime and requires time, dedication and focus- thus it’s always advisable to set realistic targets (i.e.: 3 to 6 months) while treating the job search as a full time job itself.


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