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Jun 6, 2011

Tips to Manage Stress and Anxiety

8 Simple Steps on How to Manage Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a factor that we all are way too well familiar with, but when stress and anxiety prevent you from living a fulfilling life, then you should learn a few simple self-management techniques that will help you lessen you worries and reduce the stress levels. Anxiety management is a lot easier than some people realize; no matter if you are a busy professional or a stay at home mom, there are ways to help you cope with these common ailments. Below is a list of 8 simple steps on how to better manage stress and anxiety.

1. Write it down - 
Keep a journal of how you are feeling and make sure to keep track of the time of day it is whenever you feel overly anxious or stressed out. Sometimes putting it all on paper will help you see what is causing the stress and then you can decide how to avoid certain situations in the future.

2. Evaluate your worries -
Another great technique involves analyzing your stressor. Doing this allows you to decide whether or not the problem you are dealing with is as big as you think it is. Sometimes when you have a chance to take a moment and analyze the situation you can decide which problems are worth dealing with and which ones are worth abandoning.

3. Trying to take on too much? -
Are you the type of person who can't say no? Well, there are plenty of good reasons why you should. When you try to take on too much, your body is not only fatigued, but is not performing at its best and your mind also feels drained. Only take on a certain number of tasks at once and learn how to better manage your time.

4. Self affirmation -
This is a wonderful stress and anxiety management technique, which has actually been used for centuries. Much of the symptoms of stress and anxiety stems from how you "talk" to yourself. When you began to feel stressed out, repeat positive phrases out loud. This will boost your confidence and allow you to move forth.

5. Do some deep breathing exercises - 
When your body feels stressed out it automatically tenses up - this also affects breathing. Try doing some deep breathing: close your eyes, and try breathing with your diaphragm rather than using your chest. This will bring instant relief to your mind and body.

6. Do some exercises - 
You can walk or jog, or do various stretching and aerobic exercises at home. This will have a relaxing effect on your whole body, will keep you in better physical shape, will help you keep your weight under control, and all this in turn, will boost your mood and self-confidence.

7. Envision calm surroundings - 
When you feel overly stressed, take time out and visualize an event or place that made you feel calm. It can be a favorite Hawaiian vacation spot, lavish green gardens, or the sea-shore: this will put you in a relaxed state of mind.

8. Make your own schedule for worrying -
Many of life's stressors need to be dealt with immediately. For the smaller problems, file them away and respond to them at a later time. Many anxiety sufferers worry excessively about future events that might or might not happen - there's no reason to worry about something that you have no control over. This little tip will make your life a lot easier.

Using these techniques on their own will help you control the stress levels, but if you have been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder you should consult a medical professional and adhere to either therapy, medicine, or other treatment that he or she recommends.


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