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Feb 11, 2012

30 Tips on Meeting Etiquette

by Karin Schroeck-Singh

  1. Be punctual or even better turn up a bit earlier. If this is not possible, arrive at the scheduled time at the latest. But don't be late! If you turn up late, step in quickly and quietly while taking your seat. The less interruption you create the better.
  2. When invited to a business meeting, be sure to reply if a reply is requested.
  3. Don't expect others to fill you in during or after the meeting.
  4. Come prepared with pen and paper 
  5. If you need to hold a presentation, make sure that handouts, PowerPoint slides etc. are ready and organized. Handouts should have been sent at least three days prior to the meeting.  
  6. Don't interrupt the speaker unless he/she has encouraged open discourse throughout the meeting. Don't interrupt other attendees neither.
  7. Don't talk during a meeting with other colleagues. This is disruptive to other attendees and inconsiderate of the speaker.
  8. Silence your electronics, e.g. cell phones, pagers etc. You can either activate a voice mail or forward messages to another phone. If you have forgotten to turn off your phone during the meeting, don't answer it in the middle of the meeting.
  9. When asking a question, raise your hand, don't just blurt out your question. Hold them until the end of the meeting or other specified time.
  10.  Don't ask long questions. Break them into several questions and make sure you only ask one question at a time.
  11. Meeting Etiquette tips Listen carefully what the speaker is addressing, the attendees' questions and the answers provided. You surely don't want to ask a question that has already been asked. 
  12. Stay calm. Don't fidget, tap your pen, play with your fingers, read materials not concerning the meeting or any other act that might distract other attendees. Regardless of how heated the meeting may become, remain always calm.
  13. Attend the entire meeting. Unless it is absolutely necessary or you have prior permission, you can leave earlier. Bear in mind, that leaving earlier is disruptive to other attendees and inconsiderate to the speaker.
  14. Dress professionally for the meeting.
  15. If there is an established seating pattern, accept it. If you are unsure, ask.
  16. In discussions allow more senior figures to contribute first.
  17. Be brief when speaking and make sure what you say is relevant.
  18. Don't divulge information to others about a meeting. What has been discussed should be considered as confidential.
  19. Set a time limit for the meeting and end on time!
  20. Follow the agenda. Create an agenda and make sure you distribute it to all participants beforehand. Stick to only what is on the agenda.
  21. Conduct yourself professionally. Demonstrate your knowledge and understanding
  22. Thank the chairperson for organizing the meeting. It is a sign of respect.
  23. If meeting goes off topic, remind the attendees of the agenda at hand and suggest that unrelated matters be addressed at another time.
  24.  Respond to the wishes of the chair who is conducting the meeting.
  25. If the meeting is likely to discuss problems, make sure you thought about some solutions to offer.
  26.  If someone cannot attend the meeting, provide them with all details as to what has been discussed
  27. Be poised, polite and polished. Don't curse and don't use slang.
  28. Give full attention to the meeting, don't text messages, check your emails, apply make up, comb your hair, clip your nails, etc. This is not the right place for it.
  29. Keep eye contact 80 - 90 % of the time.
  30. Once the meeting is over, follow up with all participants. Circulate a list of action items, resolutions and issues that remain open. Don't forget to thank people for attending the meeting and request feedback.


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