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Feb 4, 2016

Writing a CV for the Middle East

Writing a CV for the Middle East

Contact information

The CV you prepare for employers in the Middle East will need to summarise your:
  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Marital status
  • Current location
  • Preferred location(s) in the region
  • Education
Be specific about your education; include university, the course you completed and date of graduation.

Professional qualifications

State your professional qualifications together with the date of your qualifications and any awards received.

Computer skills

It is important to indicate your proficiency on the computer programmes and packages relevant to the role you are applying for.


In a country where Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu and other languages are widely spoken, any language skills you have should be mentioned.

Company description

Describe your current employer concisely, i.e. size, market sector, turnover if applicable, as this informs the reader and gives them a frame of reference.


Display your most recent job first and then work chronologically backwards (using months and years in the dates) giving less space to earlier jobs. Since space will be at a premium, your objective must be to inform and excite the reader.

Responsibilities and achievements

Whenever possible, include the experience relevant to a particular job and always quantify your responsibilities and achievements so that employers can quickly identify how you can add value to their business.


References do not have to appear on the CV, although be prepared to provide references on request. It is a good idea to state that you have business references available.
In addition to the basics that should appear on your CV, it is also advisable to consider the following points when preparing the documentation ahead of your job search. 

Covering letter

It is a good idea to include a covering letter. Be brief and to the point, clearly stating why you would be a good fit for the position.

Be positive

Use positive action words and phrases in your covering letter. Include achievements for each of your positions and don’t be afraid to list them proudly.

Accuracy and content

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and incorrect dates create a bad impression so double-check to ensure you have 100% accuracy. Keep your CV brief, ideally to a maximum of three pages.



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