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Sep 4, 2015

Open Letter to Hardik Patel from a Fellow Gujarati

Open Letter to Hardik Patel from a Fellow Gujarati

Dear 22 year old, Hardik Patel,

I, another 22 year old fellow Gujarati, am writing this letter to discuss what has happened in Gujarat in last few days. You, me and all fellow countrymen are aware about the peaceful protest that you have been leading since last few days. To be honest, I didn’t know you until 25th August 2015. The movement of Patidar community asking for reservation is going on in Gujarat since a month, but I heard your name for the first time on 25th August, when you lead the Maha Rally in Ahmedabad. And I believe there are lacs of Gujaratis like me who heard about you on the very same day. We thought the entire movement was being executed voluntarily by all the Patidar fellows, but the rally got a face on 25th August (at least as we fellow Gujaratis know it). I noticed couple of things when you addressed the rally in Ahmedabad. Listing down some of the points here.

1. Firstly, you were gathered to ask for reservation for Patidar community from Gujarat government. Both the community and government would have understood you, if you have addressed them in Gujarati language. Gujarati language would have left a good impact too. But you started with Hindi and completed your entire one and a half hour speech in Hindi. Which took us by shock. Your audience were Gujarati, then why did you choose Hindi? Were you trying to address other states ? 

2. Secondly, Patidars were gathered in the rally to ask and talk about reservation. You talked about reservation for like ten minutes. Your rest of the speech was to defame Gujarat government and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. You were clearly trying to impose your political views on fellow Gujaratis.

3. Thirdly, we all noticed the tone of your speech. “Ham log pure Hindustan ko apni Aukaat dikha denge!” Who are you? Al Queda leader? Aren’t you a fellow Hindustani too? How can you use such a dreadful tone while addressing the rally of lacs of people?

4. Fourthly, the most annoying thing about you was your arrogance. You challenged Chief Minister Anandiben Patel to come to you and accept your application? Who are you to order a Chief Minister?

5. Fifthly, you clearly provoked the rally towards violence. “Agar hamari mange nahi sweekari to lanka jala denge!” When you are leading a peaceful protest, you don’t make statements which can provoke people to incline towards violence. But you clearly did that.

With these five points, I cleared my perspective about you from what I observed in your first speech in Maha rally. Now I will try to enlighten you with the knowledge I gained in last two days. Please have a look at my detailed observation on various points related to your peaceful protest.

Is reservation really possible?

First and foremost, according to the Supreme Court of India, reservation can only be given to the population less than 50% of total population of a particular state. Which means maximum 50% of citizens of a particular state can get the benefits of reservation.

27% of the total population of Gujarat comes under OBC (Other backward class) and 22% of the total population of the state comes under SC/ ST (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes). Which means 49% of total population of Gujarat already comes under reservation, which cannot exceed according to the judgement from the Supreme Court of India. So technically, more reservation is not possible.

Do you really need reservation?

Firstly, I would like to translate Patidar. Patidar is a Gujarati word for landowner. And as the name suggests, Patidar is one of the wealthiest castes across Gujarat. Patels dominates all industries in Gujarat taking from diamonds to real estates to textiles. Majority of diamond polishing industries of Surat are owned by Patels. Maximum Indian immigrants in USA belong to Patel community. Patels dominate motel industries in USA.

When I witnessed first rally asking for Anamat in Surat, I saw people joining the rally in their Mercedes cars. Can you imagine a guy coming in a Mercedes to ask for the stamp of backward class?
Indigestible. Isn’t it? 

- @OfficeSAC 

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