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Oct 27, 2011

5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

The importance of saving money evolves when we start working. For a majority of people the whole point of going to work is to earn money. But reflect on the work related expense. This would add up the coffees, snacks, lunches, transportation and clothes. You would be surprised when you notice that a significant chunk of your earnings is diverted to covering personal work expenses. That means that a portion of your work-day is dedicated to paying for the 'privilege' to work.

It would rather be more befitting if you cut on your daily expenses and save that money and retire early. Look at ways to keep your spending under control.

Cut on Commute
5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

Save on petrol, parking and car maintenance by using a public transport. It's not only cheap but also better for environment. If you find it difficult to reach office by public transport then opt for car pooling. Find co-workers that you can carpool with. The ability to use the carpool lane (if available) may also save you time. This will cut you fuel expenses drastically.

Pack your Lunch

5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

Make sure eat breakfast before you leave for work. Packing your lunch is another way of saving money. If you bring lunch instead of going out to eat, they're going to eat healthier. You can opt for sandwiches and wraps that are easy to make and cheap as well. Get from home fruits and juices so that you don't have to buy anything from outside.

Make the most of your tax deductions

5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

Ensure your employer pays for employment expenses. You can also deduct moving expenses if you have to move over 50 miles away. And some travel expenses related to work and job hunting may also be tax deductible. Make best use of the tax deductions available at your work place.

Stay late and use the Internet

5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

If you paying a huge amount for high-speed Internet at home, consider disconnecting it. If you have access to the Web on a mobile device, you may be able to check your email, bank account and more quite easily from there. Try utilizing the free Internet available at work. Stay after-hours and do anything that you can't conveniently complete on your phone.

Say no Coffee

5 Tips to Save Money during Work Day

Avoid going for a latte whenever you feel like sipping on hot coffee. Drink the free coffee at work. You can save a lot if you resist little temptations and think economic. Imagine how much you would save on every cup you sacrifice.


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